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            About the Artist


Danika Dawn is a Canadian artist from Vancouver Island, currently living in Calgary. She has always had a passion for art, and started creating at a young age. Danika is a self taught oil painter specializing in equine and animal expressive realism. She is currently working on developing a full time career as an artist. Her work is inspired by nature, travelling and her love for animals. Danika's work has been showcased at the Calgary Stampede, and she was selected as one of the top 30 finalists to compete to design the Calgary Stampede Poster for 2021.  

Capturing animals through oil painting on canvas has been a lifelong pursuit and passion. My artwork aims to capture the spirit of the subject, how the animal is feeling, and the emotions evoked during the encounter. My work focuses purely on the creature itself, leaving the environment purposely vague. The eye reveals the core essence of the animal, which has a dramatic effect on the viewer's interpretation of the work as a whole, and therefore rightfully becomes the focal point of each piece.

            Artist Statement

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